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Goldman hiring staff without experience

Have you ever wanted to work as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs with nothing but gumption (and five years of work experience)?

Well, your dreams can now become reality. Goldman has re-launched a program for recruiting non-banking talent into its investment banking division (IBD).

Goldman is summoning external applicants with either five years' work experience (minimum) for the latest program, which is being run in New York only at the moment.

Applications are also open to current Goldman employees at associate level and up, who are currently working for other divisions. Candidates will need “attention to detail” and “history of outstanding academic achievement”. If you get through the program, you’ll end up as an associate in the IBD.

This isn't Goldman's first foray into recruiting non-bankers into banking roles. It ran the same program last year, and Morgan Stanley has been doing something similar. The relaunch of Bridge to Banking at Goldman this year might raise a few eyebrows though, given that the firm had a pretty hefty round of cuts a few months ago and that these included juniors in its investment banking division.

The bridge to banking program is currently inviting applications in New York. Applications close April 10th.

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