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Front office finance interview questions 

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Front office is the core of the investment banking business and as a consequence contains some of the most challenging but rewarding role such as the ones above. Click on the links above to see the interview questions expected.


Front office investment banking involves undertaking financial transactions on behalf of a third party, such as a business or wealthy individuals. Before entering this industry, you may wish to consider the specific duties and responsibilities involved. It's also valuable to understand how this field of investment banking compares with other departments. In this article, we define front office investment banking, compare its practices to middle and back office investment banking and offer examples of job roles you can pursue in this industry.

What is front office investment banking?

In front office investment banking, you work to maximise your firm's profits. You work alongside your clients, offering advice on how they can use investments to meet their financial goals, such as estate or retirement planning. You might also analyse consumer data, using your findings to influence business practice. You also act as your firm's public face, protecting its commercial reputation by complying with all relevant regulations.

The core responsibilities of a front office investment banker include:

  • advising high-profile clients on managing and investing their personal wealth

  • assessing the risks involved in different commercial ventures

  • informing clients about different investment options, such as stocks, securities or bonds

  • using data analysis to produce commercial forecasts

  • researching new domestic and international markets

  • updating clients on their investment's progress

  • updating company practice as regulations change

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